Big Ideas…


At this point, I try not to plan things more than two hours in advance. A year of global upheaval will do that to a fella. That being said, I do have some things on my mind. If it’s cool, I’d like to share them with you.

I’ve been thinking a lot about our role when it comes to health. Not fitness but health. To illustrate the difference, I’m going to share a map of Deep Health—as conceptualized by our friends at Precision Nutrition.


You’ll notice that there’s no abs or glutes category. There’s no “How much ya’ bench” category. These things may be a means to an end. They may also have real value to you personally. However, if you are in crisis… Well, priorities.

Many people feel like if they could just get to a certain physique or performance goal then the rest of their life will click into place. This can be true. For example, if you are dealing with a metabolic disorder—like Type 2 diabetes—then losing body fat really can change things dramatically. But once your health markers are in check, more is not always better—or more efficient, anyway. Other things may be more deserving of your focus.

If you are experiencing anxiety, or loneliness, or soul-crushing uncertainty, there’s probably no one thing to solve that. Squats fix a lot of things but not everything. That doesn’t have to be disheartening, though. What doesn’t work typically leaves clues about what does.

If you are struggling, then the goal is to rack up progress—as quickly and easily as possible. So, if going deep on one area isn’t the answer, then going broad can be. This is best achieved by looking at the components of deep health above and asking whether anything is conspicuously low. Low scores are easy to fix. Surprisingly so.


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