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Your Default Setting

How much control do you have over your environment? Kind of a big concept, right? I’m asking because health itself is such a big concept. It’s not just the sum of biological systems within your body; it is how those systems interact with their environment. Trying to understand your health or your environment in isolation is like trying to understand how airplanes work in a metaphorical vacuum. Or a literal one. Both kinds, actually. Environment

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The thing about infinity

Optimism and pessimism are both infinite. They can expand outwardly or zoom inwardly forever. There is a limitless amount of information about what is wrong in this world. You could dedicate your life to it without completion or closure. The weight of this, however, would crush Atlas himself. I remember the high tide of pessimism in my life. I was struggling with anxiety in a major way. Here’s something that helped: I acknowledged that there

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The month I stopped motivating myself

Want to listen to this edition? Click here: I’ve stopped trying to motivate myself. It’s an experiment right now—an idea I’m chasing to the extreme. This is my first report from the field. Fill in the blank:Without motivation, I will… _________________________________Ask yourself. Ask your friends. I know that, in my role, I’m supposed to be some kind of Chief Motivation Officer. I don’t see it, though. I believe that motivation is largely a red herring.

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The other kind of MVP

I think that freedom has a physical side. Health is our foundation. From there, this extends into maximizing your options and physically jumping into life in whatever way you like. That might be off-beaten path adventures or keeping up with your kids—or somebody else’s kids. You feel confident, capable, and comfortable in your own skin. How does this get done? We think about developing (or at least maintaining) your: Vascular, heart, and aerobic health Articular

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Warping the space-time of action

How much agency do I have in my own life? “Can I choose any destination that is important to me—and take any path I want to get there?” Good questions all. Yet, even if you’re playing the game in god-mode, there are always constraints. I’ll describe some of these. Then I’ll go into the relationship between your decisions, your emotions, and your environment. Or you can just skip down to the elephant and start there.

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How you can use friction and flow to shape your behaviour

I just looked up how long I’ve been putting out these weekly love letters to our community. A little over four years is the answer. So, I hope you’ll forgive my first ever miss last week. I was in full family mode. But before I could get there… there was the airport. We had some particularly bad luck—with the airline telling me that I had cancelled our flight (I did not). I had to grab

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