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A Billionaire’s Vacation

Imagine that you’re walking down the street and find yourself approached by Scrooge McDuck—or some other cartoon billionaire. In a quaking, quacking feat of altruism, he has decided to send you on vacation. But not just any vacation—one designed for maximum relaxation. The idea is for you to come back to your regular life fully recharged. He’s ready to hand you a sackful of gold—right now! “How much, young…ish person?” he asks, “Name your price..”

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11 thoughts on getting leaner

11 Thoughts on Getting Leaner You may have noticed that it’s rare for us to talk about body composition at Bang. Ultimately, there is so much judgement about bodies that it becomes very difficult to talk about them without a sense of moralism or judgement.  The history of this goes way back and, like many things in our culture, tends to have its roots in white supremacy. If you’re curious, you can read about some

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A Lack of Shade

Want to listen to this edition? Click here:​ We inherit structures. Governments and policies. Cities and technologies. Little 18-month-old you didn’t look around and ask, “Are we really legislating coal power the right way?” You probably just ate your fruit snack and assumed that the world was perfectly designed. If there was a problem, you may have been led to believe, it was merely with your attitude. As grown-ups, we realize how intensely most of

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Your People

Your People Want to listen to this edition? Click here: There are three things that have the power to change your life—and move you closer to what you truly want. One is to have an epiphany. For lightning to strike, thunder to peal, and enlightenment to smack you on the forehead. Epiphanies are great when you can get them. But you won’t find them in a Canadian Tire catalogue. It seems like epiphanies come to

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Being Offline

Being Offline Want to listen to this edition? Click here: I don’t know about you,but I was without access to the internet all Friday long. It was both relaxing and fatiguing at the same time. To drive that vibe home, a young guy walked into Bang on Friday evening asking for internet access. “A tuppence of data, guv’ner?” The lack of data got me thinking about what’s happening whenever I unconsciously reach for my phone.

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What is Mindful Resilience?

What is Mindful Resilience? Want to listen to this edition? Click here:     There is a gap between mindfulness as a concept and mindfulness as an action. It’s one of those paradoxes you hit after about 10 seconds of philosophical thinking. The question is how to bridge that gap—and what can help bring you into the moment. This moment, maybe.   Is it a gong? An air horn? Taking a breath? Maybe it’s no

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