Squat Here Now!

One thing that has always confused me is the idea of a workout designed to be “survived.”  Perhaps when I say this, you will imagine a military-esque man yelling at middle managers as they drip sweat onto their $50 yoga mats.  That’s fair.  But there is a far less dramatic version of this too.  Here, people are simply watching the clock or rushing to get their reps completed. My issue here is that surviving is… Continue reading Squat Here Now!

3 Ways to Get to the Kernel

There is a universe of advice out there.  Too much to process.  So, I use one powerful question to concentrate on what really matters: Is this providing me with the tools I need to take action? If the answer is no, I skip it.  It saves me an awful lot of time. So, when I say that you need to take care of yourself, I realize that I’m not telling you anything new.  What I want… Continue reading 3 Ways to Get to the Kernel

Starting without stopping

Fitness, for many, is a series of starts and stops.  People get motivated.  They make progress.  They lose motivation, they get frustrated, and so on.  It’s cyclic.  If we graphed things out, we’d see periods of quick progress followed by crashes, recoveries, and relaunches.  We stop, start, and stop again. There are some big issues with this.  First is the frustration.  It sucks to feel like things are beyond your control.  It is also way… Continue reading Starting without stopping

What is it like to work out without comparison?

Want to know the opposite of mindfulness?  It’s comparison.  Whether that is comparing yourself to someone else or even a past version of you, the effect is the same;  it is alienating.  In comparing, you are pulled out of the moment. The fitness industry, I’m sad to say, encourages comparison.  Not everyone, of course.  But many—to our collective detriment.  Even some industry leaders.  Before and after photos come to mind.  People looking sad and bloated… Continue reading What is it like to work out without comparison?

5 ways to ramp up your exercise momentum

Summer is coming, Testy.  In spite of whatever the hell is going on outside today.  We are also making preparations for reopening Bang. So, it’s probably a good time to talk about exercising more—and keeping your momentum going. 1. Give yourself an inoculation dose We forget how good exercise can feel.  How great it can be to put our bodies through the paces.  That’s where a couple of times around the block wants to turn into… Continue reading 5 ways to ramp up your exercise momentum