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Why we don’t do small things

The song remains the same friends. What’s the use of doing something small? What’s good would this do? What’s the point? The question is phrased in different ways. But—in all incarnations—it asks the same thing: “Why me do small thing?” Let’s move past your grammar and begin with why NOT to do a small thing: A small thing is not a big thing You don’t need to be successful doing it You don’t know how to do …

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Fast, but Not Cheap

Hey there,I have a bunch of free stuff to share with you today. Thing 1: Free 5-day program: exercise for mood and focus Want to feel better and more productive?This free 5-day course will help you build the habits you need to feel and function at your best.  You will learn to use small bursts of exercise to elevate physical and mental function—all while learning the art and science of consistency. Best of all, you’ll begin to …

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When will gyms in Toronto open again?

It’s a question that I’m hearing a lot of these days, . When will Toronto gyms open up for indoor—or even outdoor training?  I know this: a lot of people are working hard on this issue. Including us. I also assume that most of them have to collaborate with others and are struggling to interpret the bias of 100 competing agendas. If someone says any part of this is simple, I know that they don’t …

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The Tree of (Your Daily) Life

Meaningful progress showed up in a few major themes: Increases in exercise consistencyWe eliminated barriers to getting started and used shorter, more tailored workouts. The result was more consistency, better health outcomes, and more exercise happening overall. Stress managementWe were able approach stress management as a skill. This moved the conversation away motivation and emotions—and toward controllable, predictable factors. It felt liberating to be able to do this. Even when you don’t use these skills, …

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On Pessimism

When I was seven or so, I asked my dad why he thought communism was so bad. The answer I got was stock: “If everyone is provided for, then some people will take advantage of the system by not working.” I remember waiting for the other shoe to drop. But I no longer think there is another shoe. This is not a political screed, in case you’re feeling the urge to bolt. I’m not here …

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