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New: Exercise for Mood and Focus Launch Date Announcement

Our newest program—Physical Presence: Exercise for Mood and Focus—launches Feb 15, 2021. In this six-week program, the mind will lead the body as you learn how to leverage exercise to positively impact mood and cognition. You will learn:– How to harness your most reliable forms of motivation– Key assessments for progress– How to design your environment to make success easier– Our four-stage framework for integrating mental and physical development– Your exercise and schedule blueprint– Your …

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How to Take Control

Want to listen to this instead? Our audio version is here. Thanks to everyone who took the time to reach about this. Our first audio newsletter had a great reception. One final note: I’ve changed our audio hosting, so no app is required to listen. **The Stoics are so hot right now.**Those Ancient Greek philosophers are everywhere these days with their no nonsense wisdom. Thank Ryan Holliday, I guess. I’m happy but have one concern: I …

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We’re Post-Resolution

Happy New Year! We’re trying something new here, so if you want to listen to a recording of this newsletter, click here. And now… Let’s skip the resolutions talk. In fact, let’s skip most of the standard advice around goals and resolutions. If we want to get down to the nitty-gritty of change, we have to understand where it comes from. I think that there are really just two questions to ask: Do you have great …

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