What is Healthy Food?

Today’s question is deceptively simple: What does healthy mean? Before we go on, take a few seconds to define healthy food for yourself. Some common popular ideas about healthy food The more natural a food is, the better GMO is unnatural/bad Unhealthy food is more addictive Processed food is not healthy food You can eat far more calories from healthy food than from unhealthy food Adding a specific type of food to your diet will… Continue reading What is Healthy Food?

Do You Need to Get Into Shape (Before You Get Into Shape)?

Where do you start? Literally, if you want to increase the amount of exercise into your life, how do you make that happen—especially if you haven’t been active recently? Pro-tip: you’re not starting at zero Unless you just came out of a multi-year coma (or were recently frozen in carbonite), you have some level of physical capacity. In other words, there’s stuff that you can do every day. Not just any stuff either. Stuff that… Continue reading Do You Need to Get Into Shape (Before You Get Into Shape)?

How to Prevent Alzheimer’s with Exercise

When I was a kid, being 20 basically made you a senior citizen. In my 20s, the 30s felt like a distant destination. The 40s came faster and have all but flown by. Now, there’s a little more gravity about the decades to come. I think a fair bit about, how I will function and feel. My brain may be kind of a weird one but it’s also home. So, I want to keep it… Continue reading How to Prevent Alzheimer’s with Exercise

Getting Yourself Out of the Tunnel

I’ve been thinking about scarcity. Like me, you may have heard the term scarcity mindset without realizing that this isn’t just an airy-fairy term. There’s some fantastic psychological research behind scarcity and how it impacts people. Most of the focus has been on poverty and loneliness—two of the truly big rocks in the field. Today, we’re also going to talk about time and hunger. I’m currently in what researchers Eldar Shafir and Sendhil Mullainathan would… Continue reading Getting Yourself Out of the Tunnel

Is Your Core Weak? How to Tell

Hey, can I ask you a quick question? What is the core? It’s funny—but for all talk about how important the core is, not everyone feels super clear on WHAT it actually is. I’m talking about both geography and function here. There’s a very simple reason for this lack of clarity: core is a made-up term. Made-up doesn’t mean bad or wrong. It’s a convenient way to address trunk stability and connect it to back… Continue reading Is Your Core Weak? How to Tell