BANG Fitness is a space designed for performance at all levels. Continued innovation in the science—and art—of personal training. 

Leaders in Toronto’s fitness community since 2008. And home to amazing members.


Meaningful change is hard. That’s why everything else with us is easy. 

✅ Our training environment is focused but friendly. 

✅ Our programs and workouts are custom-fit to your growing abilities. 

✅ And our membership structure is simple. 

✅ Lots of extras; no extra fees.

All you need to do is show up. We’ll take care of everything else. 

Experience fitness training that is enjoyable and meaningful…even for people who previously struggled to imagine themselves working out consistently (let alone liking it!)


1. We don’t do quick fixes; we play the long-game. 

2. We aren’t trying to “fix” your metabolism or your body composition; we like you as you are.

3. We aren’t a one-trick pony; we adapt our methods to fit the individual.

4. We don’t use comparison or feelings of inadequacy to fuel buying decisions; we relentlessly look for the best in you.

5. We are here for people who recognize health and fitness as important lifetime values and are ready and willing to get the additional support to make that happen.


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Bang Personal Training has been bringing friendly, functional fitness to downtown Toronto since 2008.

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🙋‍♂️ I just want to be able to show up and work—no second-guessing or extra analysis needed.

🙋🏽‍♀️ I want to get into strength training—but I need to feel comfortable in the environment (I’m not a gym person).

🙋‍♀️ I know a lot about fitness but need a way to workout that keeps me healthy in the long-term (i.e. keep getting injured or chronically burnt-out).

🙋🏾 I know that taking care of my physical health is important for my mental health. So I need a place that takes care of both.

….we would love to show you how to make fitness a lifelong practice—and have a good time doing it!



Shadib NewazShadib Newaz
03:00 11 Oct 23
Two months ago, I had decided while traveling, I wanted some change. More specifically learn about my body in a way that's respectful and not in a punishing way that our society can guide us towards. From my very first chat with Geoff, I was impressed, and eagerly wanted to try Bang.It's been just over a month, and I have been very happy.The biggest three things:a. The trainers are very welcoming and very supportive, and challenges you, notices you, and provides suggestions that's easy to digest and try. It's a very safe space and you want to push yourself, in nuanced ways that make you happy. At least for me.b. From all of them, I have learned, personally, to be more attuned to my body. I feel this connection, understanding of how the muscles are moving and shifting, and it feels a huge unlock, and frankly, very respectful to my body, to myself, that alone, I would love folks to experience, as I have been able to.c. The people who are training there - I see great care, resilience, and consistency, and above all, welcoming energy. You feel part of a community. Even though it's bit out of the way for me, I love going to Bang.Mike, Geoff, Betty, Miles - you all have been wonderful. Look forward to being an old jacked man! haha.
02:14 06 Oct 23
Bang Fitness is a great facility that has everything you need with a positive vibe and an environment for growth. The coaching is world-class and I always learn a lot from Mr. Geoff Girvitz.Geoff is a phenomenal coach. He has a deep well of knowledge which is not just demonstrated for you or directed at you (i.e. thrown at you) but rather, it is very meaningfully applied in succinct doses that are immediately understandable and actionable. He has the high level touch of someone that can distill and implement many years of expertise in an impactful and personalized way.Geoff pays such close attention to how his clients move and in a short period of time makes incremental changes that compound within a single session. I always leave a session with Geoff feeling informed and invigorated. Meaningful progress takes time and consistency but he is always able to help me unlock a little more movement fluency and fluidity with each session. I have a deep trust in his approach and it is one that really builds one's confidence and capacity quickly. I am thoroughly impressed by his apparent x-ray vision.The best example of this was just recently: I took my mother to Geoff to deal with some knee pain and to combat some extreme sitting. It was awesome to watch him work and I was so happy and proud of what my mom achieved in a single session. Here is what Geoff noted, in his own words:“There’s no higher praise than someone bringing their mom in to see me. This client’s walk was stiff and inelastic. First, I figured out what she could do, safely and pain-free. We used an exercise choice that gave her the option of disengagement at the drop of a hat. Then we made sure that we were challenging her appropriately. In other words, she was safe, sweating and smiling. After we’d nailed our first set of the exercise, she straightened up and took a few tentative steps. Those rolled into a few more. And then into a borderline strut. She looked so much more fluid and at ease. She became more like herself in those few moments.”Geoff is always generous with his time and knowledge and I value his approach and philosophy to wider areas of life. I recommend checking out his “Dad Strength” content.Thanks and see you soon!
Wyn SutuntivorakoonWyn Sutuntivorakoon
02:06 08 Sep 23
If you're looking for a great place to train, my partner and I would highly recommend checking Bang out! The personalized programs, the classes, and the community has gotten us to be consistent with working out which I think is the most important thing.Training with Geoff, Betty, Miles, Vivek, and Chris has been great as they can answer any question you might have about your goals/exercises and ensure you’re making steady progress. Although my partner and I having different fitness levels with our own limitations and strengths, we both feel that Bang has been able to accommodate that so we can work out together.One thing I especially appreciated was that when I came to Bang with some bad experiences and injuries from other gyms, Geoff was able to address any concerns I had at our first meeting. The philosophy at Bang is unlike any other gym I’ve trained at and there’s a real emphasis on building long-term sustainable strength and fitness.Rather than immediately start with big compound lifts, the coaches work with you to make sure you have all the technical skills (mobility, stability, strength) first so that you can safely perform them. This building from the base up approach was exactly what I wanted so I recommend anybody to try this out for themselves!
Rebecca NguyenRebecca Nguyen
01:18 08 Sep 23
Bang is the best gym I've been to in Toronto! My partner and I have been training here for a couple of months and we're so happy we found this gym. Here's a couple of reasons why:1. The coaches and personal training program - We've had the chance to train with Geoff, Betty, Miles, Vivek, and Chris and they're all fantastic! They really know their stuff and will challenge you to improve. Even though you're in a group training (max 5 people), everyone gets their own individual program which is built to meet your needs and goals.2. Flexible schedule and easy to book - For group personal training sessions, we don't have to stick to the same times as there are multiple time slots available with different coaches. We can easily book sessions that fit our schedule through their app.3. Friendly and inclusive environment/community - There's a wonderful vibe here that welcomes everyone, no matter where you are in your fitness journey. As a fitness newbie, I don't feel intimidated at all working out here.
Alex FernandesAlex Fernandes
16:53 29 Jul 23
I have been training clients of my own out of Bang for nearly 2 years now. During this time the amount of growth as a trainer and business owner I have seen can be directly attributed to my time here. Geoff and his entire team of trainers are leaders in the industry who challenge every idea you have been taught or developed on your own as a coach. If you are looking for trainers who are at the leading edge of science, that blend their technical side with the art of compassion, understanding and humanism look no further.


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