1-1 Personal Training

Fast track your progress with 1-1 training. From your first session, we will begin shaping your workouts to keep you challenged, motivated, and moving forward.

Starting from $90 / session.


Group Personal Training

Our flagship service offers next level value and makes it easy for you to do the hard work. You’ll get the customization and support of 1-1 with the energy that comes from exercising alongside up to four other focussed hard-working people. All for half the cost of 1-1 training. You’ll share your coach but your schedule and your workouts are your own. All with a 100% true love guarantee on your first month.

Starting from $40 / session.

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In Person Bang Personal Training

Group Classes

All GPT and 1-1 memberships include unlimited access to group classes.

Powerlifting Club
Learn to squat, bench, and deadlift in a safe, fun environment.

Olympic Lifting 101

Learn correct and safe technique in the snatch, clean, and jerk using a step-by-step approach.


Drag, carry, lift, push and pull heavy things.

Recommended minimums: 275 lb deadlift, 115 lb overhead press.