New: Exercise for Mood and Focus Launch Date Announcement


New Exercise for Food and Mood!

Our newest program—Physical Presence: Exercise for Mood and Focus—launches Feb 15, 2021.

In this six-week program, the mind will lead the body as you learn how to leverage exercise to positively impact mood and cognition.

You will learn:
– How to harness your most reliable forms of motivation
– Key assessments for progress
– How to design your environment to make success easier
– Our four-stage framework for integrating mental and physical development
– Your exercise and schedule blueprint
– Your highest ROI exercises
– How to build mental and physical habits that stick

You will get:
– Totally custom workouts
– Unlimited coaching support
– 2x/week live instructional sessions
– Access to live coaching sessions with other members
– Daily interactive lessons (Monday to Friday)
– Good vibes only with our incredible community

About us
Since 2008, Bang has been bringing smart, personalized fitness to Toronto. We know how impactful fitness can be on your mental wellbeing. That’s why we have always focused on making consistency easy. We are proud to present our newest program—designed to help you successfully navigate the challenges of working out from home.

The program
Physical Presence is a completely online program. Here, we take the research on exercise and mental wellbeing and applies to you as an individual. Workouts, schedule, physical environment, training age, skills, and more are all factored in to make this a unique and powerful experience. Our years of coaching experience and insight are now applied to having you thinking, feeling, and performing at your best.

This $599 program is being discounted to only $299 for our Feb 15th launch! That’s six weeks of highly impactful, totally custom mental and physical training at a huge discount. This special pricing is available until Feb 5th. Spaces are limited.

Q: Is this exercise or something else?
A: It’s both. We’re focusing on tailored workouts that match your needs—mental and physical.

Q: Do I already have to be working out to do this?
A: Not at all. If you’re struggling with consistency, we’ll help you get started.

Q: What if I am already working out?
A: Great! We’ll build upon what you’re already doing.

Q: Is this therapy?
A: We’re not therapists; we’re exercise folks. We are channeling everything we know about exercise for mental wellbeing into a tailored program. Our focus is on everything that is right with you (and that’s a lot). We’ll leverage your existing strengths and abilities to have you feeling, thinking, and moving better.

Q: Is this all online?
A: Yes. We’d love to see you in-person at our Queen West location but—as the lockdown continues in Toronto—we’ll be offering this exclusively online.

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