Our Top Trait for Personal Trainers


The fitness industry is a young one.
Knowledge and skills vary wildly.

A soccer conditioning coach and a post-natal fitness specialist may have very little overlap in terms of expertise.

On the other hand, the post-natal specialist may also be able to walk you through position-specific drills for each member of the football team and the soccer coach may help you expertly navigate exercising around an ectopic pregnancy.

You never know.

We have our own standards for hiring

Knowledge, experience, and a genuine desire to help other people are all essential to working at Bang. What we’re really looking for is how those qualities are expressed. More than anything else, that’s through curiosity.

We can’t really begin to build custom programs for people until we understand as much as we can about their lives as possible. That’s not only because context matters but because finding the deepest drivers for your own fitness takes some exploration. That exploration is driven by curiosity.

If you are thinking about applying to work with us…

It’s a good sign that you found this blog post. But your work is just beginning. Be ready to demonstrate curiosity in every facet of your skill-set.

If you are looking to hire a coach…

Be wary of the uncurious. The greatest knowledge in the world is meaningless unless it’s smartly applied to your needs.

Bang Personal Training offers some of the best personal training in Toronto – in a format that makes consistency easy. Our expert coaches unite the best features of group and one-on-one training to help you build performance and healthspan