Who is Personal Training for?


Personal training is for anyone who has decided that their long-term health and fitness is a priority—and would benefit from some extra support. Do you need to be in any particular shape to start? Yes, you need to be shaped like a human. Our personal trainers would love nothing more to help you build skills and habits for lifelong fitness.

Our personal trainers are experts in making consistent exercise enjoyable, meaningful, and effective. They’ll work to find the best approach for you.

Both 1-1 and Group Personal Training (GPT) begin with understanding your goals and what you’re ready for right now. In both cases, you’ll receive individualized exercise selection, expert instruction, and support-on-demand. Our personal trainers will help make consistency easy.

Workouts are challenging but enjoyable—and always connected to what’s important to you.

Group Personal Training works much like traditional 1-1 personal training. The difference is that you will share your personal trainer with up to four other members. Group class energy with 1-1 personal training expertise.

One advantage of Group Personal Training is the flexibility in scheduling. You’ll still get the best features of personal training—but with more freedom to adjust your schedule to fit whatever life throws your way. Our personal training team will work collaboratively with you to ensure that you get the most out of your time with us.

Our personal trainers all have a minimum of a bachelor’s in kinesiology or equivalent. Every single team member is engaged in continuous learning and professional development. And they are all here to help you feel your best. How do we make that happen? Simple. We hire career personal trainers who love learning—and are excited to see you progress.

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