Our coaches are career professionals who are hard-wired to help. They’re great people who have walked the walk through competitive sport and continuous learning.

Hi, I'm Geoff Girvitz

I never liked gym culture but I founded a gym. Isn’t that weird?

My own love of exercise came from learning how good it made me feel. I came to view it as an essential supplement to my enjoyment of life. Movement helped me think better, sleep better, and feel better.

I wanted to share that benefit—but in a way that aligned with my values.  So I developed Bang. Here, you’ll feel comfortable enough to get uncomfortable and the do work that will move you forward.


Vivek Padhiar

Senior Coach

MSc Kinesiology and Exercise Science

Vivek is a coach’s coach. He has a quiet approach and an uncanny ability to pinpoint your next important step.

Vivek has worked with athletes at all levels and competed in Olympic weightlifting.

Talk about food or English soccer with him.

Miles Suing - Bang Fitness

Miles Suing


PN Level II Nutrition Coach

Miles is all about better living through movement. He is a salsa dancer, Olympic weightlifter, and ice cream aficionado.


Miles is an expert in helping the gym translate into real life.

Talk to him about food and travel.


Betty Tadesse


Betty knows movement. She is a a gifted coach with a keen eye and tremendous curiosity.

Betty played Ultimate Frisbee competitively at U of T and continues to work with team members.

Talk to Betty about physiotherapy and Ultimate.

Steve Vrbancic

Steve is an experienced strength coach, a former Queen’s University lineman, and holds the title of Grand inquisitor at Bang Fitness.

He has a fiercely loyal following among clients and attendees of Strongman, Strongwoman and Advanced Kettlebell classes.

Chris Gouveia D.C

D.C., BSc

Dr. Chris is an experienced chiropractor who takes a modern, progressive approach to rehabilitation and performance-oriented therapy.


From Active Release Technique (ART) to movement-based approaches, he’ll help you manage injuries and pain—and get on track faster.