Supporting you (supporting others)


How are you? Really?

I can’t imagine that anyone will not remember 2020 as a defining year. It’s been my hope all along that we can get through this and come out ahead. Not everyone will, however. The things that have been happening to Black communities in North America make it clear that some of us have a steeper hill to climb. A good mind, a good heart, and a good work ethic don’t pay the same dividends for all of us. That is inequity in a nutshell.

A modest proposal

Our expertise is in the world of movement and nutrition, but we know many of you are looking for a way to show your support for Black communities in this defining moment and we’d like to help.

The challenge

Choose a fitness goal and a daily action that feeds into it. Be pragmatic.

The stakes

Pick an amount of money that feels significant. Something you wouldn’t want to lose.

The process

Get in contact here. Please specify that you’d like to participate in the challenge.

I’ll send you a form to fill out so that we can assign you to a group.

Everything will be tallied up on August 1st and 100% of the money we collect will go to Black Lives Matter Toronto.

Image credits: Creator: EDUARDO MUNOZ ALVAREZ | Credit: AFP/Getty Images

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