Your action potential

Do you know this cartoon? Something has never felt quite right about it to me. I know that it’s supposed to inspire us to never quit. But quitting can be an art form. Maybe Tunnel Guy has reached the last straw with his relationships or his health. Or is tired of breaking his back so some CEO can profit. There just aren’t enough diamonds to make up for that kind of metaphysical crisis. More objectively,… Continue reading Your action potential

The best place to invest in your willpower

We often treat motivation as a panacea.  When performance is seen as failing in a public personality—as recently happened with Olympic gymnast Simone Biles—there is invariably a chorus of voices blaming poor motivation.  People say that the person in question “didn’t want it enough.”  But if someone with a superhuman track record of competitive performance, physical and mental toughness is not perceived as being motivated enough, is motivation really the issue?  Or are we ignoring… Continue reading The best place to invest in your willpower

3 Ways to Get to the Kernel

There is a universe of advice out there.  Too much to process.  So, I use one powerful question to concentrate on what really matters: Is this providing me with the tools I need to take action? If the answer is no, I skip it.  It saves me an awful lot of time. So, when I say that you need to take care of yourself, I realize that I’m not telling you anything new.  What I want… Continue reading 3 Ways to Get to the Kernel

Starting without stopping

Fitness, for many, is a series of starts and stops.  People get motivated.  They make progress.  They lose motivation, they get frustrated, and so on.  It’s cyclic.  If we graphed things out, we’d see periods of quick progress followed by crashes, recoveries, and relaunches.  We stop, start, and stop again. There are some big issues with this.  First is the frustration.  It sucks to feel like things are beyond your control.  It is also way… Continue reading Starting without stopping