The trouble with wieners

Friends, the idea that the market will correct itself is a nice one.  And probably true over long enough of a timeline.  Here’s the problem: that timeline may extend beyond your own and the next generation’s too.  Which brings us to the first decrease in human lifespan in decades.  So, let’s talk about one of the major contributors to this trend. I want to preface this by saying that I am food-forward.  I sometimes joke that… Continue reading The trouble with wieners

I was so nervous

The past five days have been full of emotions.  A veritable Dagwood sandwich of joy, excitement, and reconnection.  And nerves too.  Not just from us. Particularly from those who have only worked out with us online.  I think we can sum things up with this quote: “I was so nervous about coming in.  But once I came in, I was like, ‘why would I be nervous here?’” That’s kind of our whole thing.  Taking away nerves.  And intimidation.  And distraction.  And undue risk.  Exercise is tough enough as it is.  It has… Continue reading I was so nervous

Squat Here Now!

One thing that has always confused me is the idea of a workout designed to be “survived.”  Perhaps when I say this, you will imagine a military-esque man yelling at middle managers as they drip sweat onto their $50 yoga mats.  That’s fair.  But there is a far less dramatic version of this too.  Here, people are simply watching the clock or rushing to get their reps completed. My issue here is that surviving is… Continue reading Squat Here Now!