Practical Shoulder Health

I don’t usually write about specific exercises or movements in these newsletters. It’s tough to get the details across. It’s like trying to present a physics thesis via interpretive dance. It can be fun, sure, but something always gets lost in the translation. So, while I have some very practical stuff at the bottom that YOU can use, we’ve first got to travel through some surprisingly philosophical territory. You can skip down if you like… Continue reading Practical Shoulder Health


Here is the fourth—and final—installment on our performance continuum. We finally get into intensity.  So, let’s get intense. As a very quick recap, I recommend prioritizing a few things before getting to intensity.  They are: Movement: do you have the basic mechanics locked down? Awareness: can you accurately assess the effort required for a specific task?  Do you have a good sense of where your body is in space—and whether an adjustment improves or impairs… Continue reading Intensity

Part III: Capacity

Hi Friends, Working out with amazing consistency comes down to two things:1. Enjoying your workouts​You’ve got to figure out what’s really meaningful to you.  There’s a combination of learning and progress that hits the sweet spot for everyone.  Especially when your mind is fully occupied with the task at hand.  Full immersion in a task is downright therapeutic. 2. Avoiding obvious mistakesThis is one of the first things you should do in learning any new skill.  Whether you’re… Continue reading Part III: Capacity

How to use intensity

Do you know someone best described as “intense”?  If so, you know how intensity is a double-edged sword.  This applies to exercise too.  In both cases, it’s best sparingly.  So, whether we’re imagining an all-out interval in the gym or  someone using their outside voice indoors, context means a lot. At Bang, intensity comes last.  I say that with the full knowledge that I’m going to some ruffle fitness feather.  But, I’m sharing this because it’s important. We prioritize things… Continue reading How to use intensity

3 Ways to Get to the Kernel

There is a universe of advice out there.  Too much to process.  So, I use one powerful question to concentrate on what really matters: Is this providing me with the tools I need to take action? If the answer is no, I skip it.  It saves me an awful lot of time. So, when I say that you need to take care of yourself, I realize that I’m not telling you anything new.  What I want… Continue reading 3 Ways to Get to the Kernel