Is this a Go-Through, Go-Around, or Go-Over Problem?

Yesterday, a friend asked about how we deal with injuries and other tough challenges at Bang. We have systems for dealing with constraints—but that doesn’t just mean physical ones. After all, pain and injury can be emotional too. It sucks to feel stuck. So, we have to work with the whole person—not just their body. To do this, we sometimes imagine constraints as a wall. Once we can see the wall clearly, we can choose… Continue reading Is this a Go-Through, Go-Around, or Go-Over Problem?

The truly hard stuff

Humans have no real defense for a great story. So, when we begin to explore exercise in any serious way, we have to tread carefully. The allure of fitness marketing is strong. It can be tricky to untangle it from the realities of a sustainable exercise practice. Hard is a compelling story. It’s appealing. It sells. Yet it often falls apart under pressure. That can’t be right. The real hard stuff is more like iron… Continue reading The truly hard stuff

Leave something in the tank

If you want to enjoy continuous progress in your exercise practice, there’s a high-level skill that you need to master. It’s not as granular as technique. It’s not as gritty as… grit. It’s bigger and more universal. It’s also easier—by definition. It’s about leaving something in the tank. That means both energy and motivation. The discipline here is to walk out a winner…. To finish the workout with a bit of energy to spare… To… Continue reading Leave something in the tank

Navigating Influence

Let’s examine the continuum of bullshit around influencer-led nutrition media by breaking things down into three categories: Secret knowledge and the keys to the kingdom A friend once described hipsters to me as people who are nostalgic for a time that never existed. I’ve since expanded that idea to all matter of opinions on politics, economics, social order, and—of course—health. Influencers, beginning with Jean Jacques Rousseau, have long been telling us that we once held… Continue reading Navigating Influence

Bro Science vs. Science, Bro

Exercise physiology is a young science. A baby! Some of the nuts and bolts understanding we have about how muscles work—stuff that seems absolutely essential—was only discovered after you were born. That’s why academics are so cautious when it comes to definitive statements about anything. This is, of course, in stark contrast to the unwavering confidence of fitness influencers. Obviously, an aggressively attractive person who speaks in certainties has more curb appeal than a chorus… Continue reading Bro Science vs. Science, Bro