Starting without stopping

Fitness, for many, is a series of starts and stops.  People get motivated.  They make progress.  They lose motivation, they get frustrated, and so on.  It’s cyclic.  If we graphed things out, we’d see periods of quick progress followed by crashes, recoveries, and relaunches.  We stop, start, and stop again. There are some big issues with this.  First is the frustration.  It sucks to feel like things are beyond your control.  It is also way… Continue reading Starting without stopping

What is it like to work out without comparison?

Want to know the opposite of mindfulness?  It’s comparison.  Whether that is comparing yourself to someone else or even a past version of you, the effect is the same;  it is alienating.  In comparing, you are pulled out of the moment. The fitness industry, I’m sad to say, encourages comparison.  Not everyone, of course.  But many—to our collective detriment.  Even some industry leaders.  Before and after photos come to mind.  People looking sad and bloated… Continue reading What is it like to work out without comparison?