Experimental Equipment

Pick up just about any fitness media and the odds are that you’ll see happiness and confidence linked to a particular physical outcome. After you achieve X result, you too can enjoy the feeling of being complete. Your worries will disappear. It’s an appealing dream. Whoever is selling that particular dream will, like the Matrix’s Morpheus, hand you a pill. “Take this,” they say, “and you can someday become that person.” Don’t be distracted by the fact that this guy just… Continue reading Experimental Equipment

Stay pre-loaded

Today, we’re going to focus on that last piece through pre-loading action. This refers to setting up your personal environment so that you’re a single decision away from action. This seems straightforward but there’s some nuance here. Let’s say that you are sitting on the couch, binge-watching a series. You’re enjoying the show BUT you notice that your back is feeling sore. This leads to a should feeling. “I should be exercising more.” What happens next is important. Let’s… Continue reading Stay pre-loaded

Your Default Setting

How much control do you have over your environment? Kind of a big concept, right? I’m asking because health itself is such a big concept. It’s not just the sum of biological systems within your body; it is how those systems interact with their environment. Trying to understand your health or your environment in isolation is like trying to understand how airplanes work in a metaphorical vacuum. Or a literal one. Both kinds, actually. Environment… Continue reading Your Default Setting

11 thoughts on getting leaner

11 Thoughts on Getting Leaner You may have noticed that it’s rare for us to talk about body composition at Bang. Ultimately, there is so much judgement about bodies that it becomes very difficult to talk about them without a sense of moralism or judgement.  The history of this goes way back and, like many things in our culture, tends to have its roots in white supremacy. If you’re curious, you can read about some… Continue reading 11 thoughts on getting leaner

Slices of Friction

The goal is jazz. By that, I mean to be able to pick up your instrument of choice and just play—in a way that is both enjoyable and productive. We can call it deliberate practice, improvisation, or just playing around. Whatever the language, the process is something that satisfies both your feeling of pleasure and your sense of progress. Here, I’m speaking here about health behaviours. Just imagine feeling hungry just as you’re putting the… Continue reading Slices of Friction