Signal and Response

Last night, a friend asked me how I was—and I told him: better than I have ever been. Kind of a big statement, right? So, instead of detailing how it’s all downhill from here, we dug into the whys and hows. Everything began with breathing. About 10 years ago, it was early 2020. I was dealing with the same uncertainty as you were. We didn’t know what COVID was, how it was being transmitted, or… Continue reading Signal and Response

Mindful or Present: What’s the Difference?

The words presence and mindfulness are largely pretty interchangeable, don’t you think? But I’ve been playing with a distinction. Something that fits into last week’s topic of how sensitivity can bolster toughness. Mindfulness can be applied to anything where you’re focusing on the task at hand. To eat mindfully, for example, might include thinking about the farmers who produced this food, the land where it was grown, the truckers, sailors, or robots who transported it,… Continue reading Mindful or Present: What’s the Difference?