Can movement be meditation

I wish that I could tell you that I was a great meditator. The practice of regulating attention is a real challenge to me. Meditation would be great BUT… That’s just not how my brain works.   The people who need it most often find it the hardest. Ironic, innit? A major turning point for me was getting into martial arts as a teenager. I remember thinking that it was the first thing I’d truly… Continue reading Can movement be meditation

What do you notice when you exercise?

Pick a movement—an exercise you feel competent with. It could be anything, from a push-up to a pirouette. Now, imagine executing it. What is the first place your mind goes? There is no guarantee, of course, that your mind goes to the exercise at all. Minds are funny like that. Even if the only distraction was this tiny paragraph, though, let’s go back to the movement. Where do things begin? At the actual beginning of the… Continue reading What do you notice when you exercise?

Mindful or Present: What’s the Difference?

The words presence and mindfulness are largely pretty interchangeable, don’t you think? But I’ve been playing with a distinction. Something that fits into last week’s topic of how sensitivity can bolster toughness. Mindfulness can be applied to anything where you’re focusing on the task at hand. To eat mindfully, for example, might include thinking about the farmers who produced this food, the land where it was grown, the truckers, sailors, or robots who transported it,… Continue reading Mindful or Present: What’s the Difference?

Information, not emergencies

We had a fiery cluster of activity on Instagram last week. It all started when I shared a post about disengaging from the news cycle. People jumped in and the discussion got spicy. The concern, of course, was that ignorance is untenable. And that remaining unaware can only come from a place of privilege and disconnection. This stuff that is important to discuss. Big-picture health includes the wellbeing of our communities. It means living our values (metaphysical… Continue reading Information, not emergencies

100% Pure Dopamine

You’ve heard plenty about dopamine. Or maybe you’ve just heard a few things a lot—like “dopamine hits”, and how slot machines and social media are both expertly designed to manipulate the stuff. You may have also heard dopamine described as a molecule of pleasure. But that phrasing is not quite so accurate. Dopamine is better described as a molecule of motivation and desire. I’m not referring to sexy-time (exclusively) here. Rather, dopamine tends to make… Continue reading 100% Pure Dopamine