Information, not emergencies

We had a fiery cluster of activity on Instagram last week. It all started when I shared a post about disengaging from the news cycle. People jumped in and the discussion got spicy. The concern, of course, was that ignorance is untenable. And that remaining unaware can only come from a place of privilege and disconnection. This stuff that is important to discuss. Big-picture health includes the wellbeing of our communities. It means living our values (metaphysical… Continue reading Information, not emergencies

100% Pure Dopamine

You’ve heard plenty about dopamine. Or maybe you’ve just heard a few things a lot—like “dopamine hits”, and how slot machines and social media are both expertly designed to manipulate the stuff. You may have also heard dopamine described as a molecule of pleasure. But that phrasing is not quite so accurate. Dopamine is better described as a molecule of motivation and desire. I’m not referring to sexy-time (exclusively) here. Rather, dopamine tends to make… Continue reading 100% Pure Dopamine

Squat Here Now!

One thing that has always confused me is the idea of a workout designed to be “survived.”  Perhaps when I say this, you will imagine a military-esque man yelling at middle managers as they drip sweat onto their $50 yoga mats.  That’s fair.  But there is a far less dramatic version of this too.  Here, people are simply watching the clock or rushing to get their reps completed. My issue here is that surviving is… Continue reading Squat Here Now!