Navigating Influence

Let’s examine the continuum of bullshit around influencer-led nutrition media by breaking things down into three categories: Secret knowledge and the keys to the kingdom A friend once described hipsters to me as people who are nostalgic for a time that never existed. I’ve since expanded that idea to all matter of opinions on politics, economics, social order, and—of course—health. Influencers, beginning with Jean Jacques Rousseau, have long been telling us that we once held… Continue reading Navigating Influence

Bro Science vs. Science, Bro

Exercise physiology is a young science. A baby! Some of the nuts and bolts understanding we have about how muscles work—stuff that seems absolutely essential—was only discovered after you were born. That’s why academics are so cautious when it comes to definitive statements about anything. This is, of course, in stark contrast to the unwavering confidence of fitness influencers. Obviously, an aggressively attractive person who speaks in certainties has more curb appeal than a chorus… Continue reading Bro Science vs. Science, Bro

Sugar Morality

There has always been a chorus of people claiming that their version of fitness or nutrition is more morally upright than yours. This kind of moralizing is, of course, shenanigans. It’s at the heart of everything from fat phobia to fad diets. It is on my mind because aspartame is expected to be named as a possible carcinogen by the WHO. We’ll get their ruling in about two weeks but, while we wait, let’s talk… Continue reading Sugar Morality

Stay pre-loaded

Today, we’re going to focus on that last piece through pre-loading action. This refers to setting up your personal environment so that you’re a single decision away from action. This seems straightforward but there’s some nuance here. Let’s say that you are sitting on the couch, binge-watching a series. You’re enjoying the show BUT you notice that your back is feeling sore. This leads to a should feeling. “I should be exercising more.” What happens next is important. Let’s… Continue reading Stay pre-loaded

Catching sick brain pumps

There’s a lot of important brain real estate out there. So, in the interest of understanding how exercise impacts it, I thought we might take a drive through the neighbourhood. We’ll make a day of it… Check out some houses. Maybe have a religious experience. It’s a wild place, the human brain! Like a lot of neighbourhoods, things start with infrastructure. That’s our focus today. We want clear, non-congested roadways, delivery of resources, and a… Continue reading Catching sick brain pumps