Information, not emergencies

We had a fiery cluster of activity on Instagram last week. It all started when I shared a post about disengaging from the news cycle. People jumped in and the discussion got spicy. The concern, of course, was that ignorance is untenable. And that remaining unaware can only come from a place of privilege and disconnection. This stuff that is important to discuss. Big-picture health includes the wellbeing of our communities. It means living our values (metaphysical… Continue reading Information, not emergencies

Chasing the burn

My older brother had a bit of a scare recently. He got some bloodwork back with a clinical diagnosis of “no bueno.”  While he has always enjoyed food (and whisky), he’s also stayed pretty active.  However, this past year, his kids left the nest, stress has been high at work, and you know, like, globally.  As his activity went down, red flags came up.  Things like impaired insulin sensitivity, increased LDL, and increased blood pressure. … Continue reading Chasing the burn

The trouble with wieners

Friends, the idea that the market will correct itself is a nice one.  And probably true over long enough of a timeline.  Here’s the problem: that timeline may extend beyond your own and the next generation’s too.  Which brings us to the first decrease in human lifespan in decades.  So, let’s talk about one of the major contributors to this trend. I want to preface this by saying that I am food-forward.  I sometimes joke that… Continue reading The trouble with wieners

Starting without stopping

Fitness, for many, is a series of starts and stops.  People get motivated.  They make progress.  They lose motivation, they get frustrated, and so on.  It’s cyclic.  If we graphed things out, we’d see periods of quick progress followed by crashes, recoveries, and relaunches.  We stop, start, and stop again. There are some big issues with this.  First is the frustration.  It sucks to feel like things are beyond your control.  It is also way… Continue reading Starting without stopping