Zoom In

We tend to think big when it comes to mastery. We increase scale and power. But we can go smaller too. One of the most useful tools I know for deepening your practice and experience is to zoom in. To start, we take something that—on its surface—appears to be binary. Yes or no. One or zero. And then we look for places where more subtle choices exist. We may even conjure some of them up.… Continue reading Zoom In

It’s not about the math

Around seven years ago, I was sitting in a lecture theatre in Virginia. The audience was filled with hyper-educated collegiate strength coaches. In the spaces between their bald heads and meaty necks—I could see Natalia Verkhoshanksky. An accomplished sport scientist in her own right, she was also the daughter of the legendary Yuri Verkhoshanksky—who is credited as the father of plyometrics. A thick arm was raised and a question followed about precise percentages to be… Continue reading It’s not about the math

What Happens After Discipline

I recently read a true, harrowing tale of adventure. The author is anonymous, so I’m going to just call them Walden. Walden quit their dead-end job, dumped their dead-end partner, and moved to an off-the-grid cabin in Montana. It was time to live the dream and write the great North American novel! All obstacles and distractions were removed. It was time to shine. And then? Nada. Not a single word was written. The whole thing… Continue reading What Happens After Discipline

Make Hard Things Easier

I am forever asking how to make hard things easier. This starts with asking what it really takes to get where you want to go—or for you to become who you want to become. And then? Like a sculptor, you chip away all extraneous material. You go until you are left with the true form within the marble. You can start by shedding the easy stuff of course. Easy here means more comfort in the… Continue reading Make Hard Things Easier

The Workout Manifesto: Part One

Methods are many, principles are fewWhen it comes to exercising, only a handful of things matter. Life is too short to mess around with the rest. So, I have decided to put together a workout manifesto of sorts. This limited series will cover the essential concepts behind exercise—one quick read at a time. Principle #1: Good Enough for Right Now > Better LaterIt’s easy to wait for conditions to be better. More time. The perfect… Continue reading The Workout Manifesto: Part One