If you’re not hitting your goals, start here instead.

How do we build new habits? Most often, people choose their outcomes and then work backwards from there. This is the basis of just about every goal-setting framework you’ve ever heard of—including SMART goals. More modern approaches will shift the focus toward actions instead of outcomes. What if none of these are working for you, though? There’s another way forward. Let’s get into this by looking at how your skills and your environments interact to… Continue reading If you’re not hitting your goals, start here instead.

The month I stopped motivating myself

Want to listen to this edition? Click here: I’ve stopped trying to motivate myself. It’s an experiment right now—an idea I’m chasing to the extreme. This is my first report from the field. Fill in the blank:Without motivation, I will… _________________________________Ask yourself. Ask your friends. I know that, in my role, I’m supposed to be some kind of Chief Motivation Officer. I don’t see it, though. I believe that motivation is largely a red herring.… Continue reading The month I stopped motivating myself

How you can use friction and flow to shape your behaviour

I just looked up how long I’ve been putting out these weekly love letters to our community. A little over four years is the answer. So, I hope you’ll forgive my first ever miss last week. I was in full family mode. But before I could get there… there was the airport. We had some particularly bad luck—with the airline telling me that I had cancelled our flight (I did not). I had to grab… Continue reading How you can use friction and flow to shape your behaviour

11 thoughts on getting leaner

11 Thoughts on Getting Leaner You may have noticed that it’s rare for us to talk about body composition at Bang. Ultimately, there is so much judgement about bodies that it becomes very difficult to talk about them without a sense of moralism or judgement.  The history of this goes way back and, like many things in our culture, tends to have its roots in white supremacy. If you’re curious, you can read about some… Continue reading 11 thoughts on getting leaner

Maslow’s Hierarchy

A friend of mine recently shared a picture and a question as a sort-of think-piece. Think-post, anyway. The picture was of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The question was about whether we’ve collectively shifted downwards a bit. I.e. A little bit away from actualization and a little more toward basic health and safety needs. As a quick refresher, the pyramid is arranged with basic needs as the foundation and self-actualization at the tippy-top. There’s an intuitive… Continue reading Maslow’s Hierarchy