Slices of Friction

The goal is jazz. By that, I mean to be able to pick up your instrument of choice and just play—in a way that is both enjoyable and productive. We can call it deliberate practice, improvisation, or just playing around. Whatever the language, the process is something that satisfies both your feeling of pleasure and your sense of progress. Here, I’m speaking here about health behaviours. Just imagine feeling hungry just as you’re putting the… Continue reading Slices of Friction

Circle of Nutrition

Before talking about nutrition strategies, I think it’s probably useful to ask where they’re supposed to take us. In years past, the implicit assumption has pointed toward body composition. Lean mass shredded down to its genetic potential. The kind of stuff you see in cheesy supplement ads. More recently, I feel like we have been moving toward a meaning-driven focus. It’s time. So, when we talk about nutrition, I think it’s more useful to ask what… Continue reading Circle of Nutrition

100% Pure Dopamine

You’ve heard plenty about dopamine. Or maybe you’ve just heard a few things a lot—like “dopamine hits”, and how slot machines and social media are both expertly designed to manipulate the stuff. You may have also heard dopamine described as a molecule of pleasure. But that phrasing is not quite so accurate. Dopamine is better described as a molecule of motivation and desire. I’m not referring to sexy-time (exclusively) here. Rather, dopamine tends to make… Continue reading 100% Pure Dopamine

Your top 3

The majority of problems emerge from pretty predictable places.  These things are not—or should not be—surprises.  Sure, extreme edge-cases exist.  But without the benefit of hindsight, most black swans are really just red herrings.  That’s why my advice is to place most of your bets on the highest percentage outcomes.  Like a professional gambler, you’ll lose from time to time but come out ahead in the long-term.  If you can just stick to the plan,… Continue reading Your top 3

Your action potential

Do you know this cartoon? Something has never felt quite right about it to me. I know that it’s supposed to inspire us to never quit. But quitting can be an art form. Maybe Tunnel Guy has reached the last straw with his relationships or his health. Or is tired of breaking his back so some CEO can profit. There just aren’t enough diamonds to make up for that kind of metaphysical crisis. More objectively,… Continue reading Your action potential