Long-haul strategies

Did you know that, in Japan, they have vending machines that dispense street justice? I kid, of course. Those were banned in the 80s. However, the impulse to quickly fix whatever feels broken is timeless. This desire to right what’s wrong is a beautiful human trait—one of the better angels of our nature. Yet, it is somehow also one of the worst. In the light, this tendency can propel a shy person to stand up… Continue reading Long-haul strategies

Resolution filter: 2023

It’s the new year, , so that can only mean one thing: a whole bunch of fresh advice to ignore. Let’s get started! Personally, I feel inundated with advice. Deluged. But not motivated by any of it. “Thank you, everyone, for your good ideas. However, the sun is still going down before 4 p.m.. Let’s be pragmatic.” With that in mind, here are 11 questions (countdown style) that you can use to eliminate advice—and get to… Continue reading Resolution filter: 2023

If you’re not hitting your goals, start here instead.

How do we build new habits? Most often, people choose their outcomes and then work backwards from there. This is the basis of just about every goal-setting framework you’ve ever heard of—including SMART goals. More modern approaches will shift the focus toward actions instead of outcomes. What if none of these are working for you, though? There’s another way forward. Let’s get into this by looking at how your skills and your environments interact to… Continue reading If you’re not hitting your goals, start here instead.

How investment wisdom applies to working out

Have you ever read The Psychology of Money? It’s much ballyhooed, so I picked it up recently and was surprised at how many of its lessons apply to health and fitness. Here are a few of them: Focus on the high-yield stuff before monkeying around with anything elseWarren Buffet has owned 400-500 stocks. He’s made money on maybe 20 of them. Our high-yield health stuff is less of a guessing game but still just a handful… Continue reading How investment wisdom applies to working out

Your Default Setting

How much control do you have over your environment? Kind of a big concept, right? I’m asking because health itself is such a big concept. It’s not just the sum of biological systems within your body; it is how those systems interact with their environment. Trying to understand your health or your environment in isolation is like trying to understand how airplanes work in a metaphorical vacuum. Or a literal one. Both kinds, actually. Environment… Continue reading Your Default Setting