The 1 Thing Holding You Back From Better Sleep


By far, the most challenges around sleep come down to one key word: routine

You may already be familiar with best practices around sleep hygiene. You may have tried out just about everything on the above list. However, if you’re still struggling to sleep the sleep of the innocent, there’s a key piece you need to address. It’s not a question of what, it’s a question of when.

More specifically, it’s consistently when. The biggest issue we see in those who struggle to sleep is expecting fast results.

The foundations of sleep run deep. Our biological clocks extend into our cellular machinery—all coordinated by the suprachiasmatic nucleus—located in the hypothalamus. Biological clocks beget circadian rhythms, which influence hormone release; sleepiness/wakefulness; and a host of bodily functions. It’s highly complex network with a lot of moving parts.

Knowing the complexity that takes place behind the scenes, you can also appreciate how it can often take weeks—if not months—of consistent routine and mood regulation.

If you are doing the right things but feeling frustrated because changes have not been forthcoming, consider a consistency audit. Start with what you can do every day and build forward from there. Just like when your head hits the pillow, patience is required.

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