The Workout Manifesto: Part One


Methods are many, principles are few
When it comes to exercising, only a handful of things matter. Life is too short to mess around with the rest. So, I have decided to put together a workout manifesto of sorts. This limited series will cover the essential concepts behind exercise—one quick read at a time.

Principle #1: Good Enough for Right Now > Better Later
It’s easy to wait for conditions to be better. More time. The perfect program. An amazing environment. Oh, the things you could do (eventually)! Except that you live right now—and should conduct yourself accordingly.

Building toward perfection makes complete sense—once you’re in motion. But it is a red herring otherwise. Imperfect Action will kick Theoretical Perfection’s ass every time.

Good Enough for Right Now does not require more expertise than you currently have. Just like Mr. Rogers, Good Enough for Right Now likes you just the way you are. Take the skills and capacities you’ve got and then stretch them a bit. That’s it. Like shooting hoops? Do it with a little more hustle. Enjoy walking, running, or slinging weights? Do what you know—and can do safely. Improve it with a little more presence, focus, or effort. That’s all it takes to move the needle.

Good Enough for Right Now does not require any more time than you have available to you. It simply requires you to use it well. Overhaul your schedule if you need to—and can right now.

Good Enough for Right Now doesn’t care what you look like when you work out and—I cannot stress this enough—what you’re wearing when you do.

Good Enough for Right Now doesn’t require more willpower than you’ve got. If you feel like you have to psych yourself up, need a less stressful day, or for the stars to align… Well,Testy, you’re overshooting. Make it easier. Make it humbler. Shrink it down until it’s something you can do right now.

Invest in expertise by all means. Buy awesome equipment. Make a commitment. But… Only if you are ready, willing, and able to take action in the present. Better Later is great. It’s important. Essential. But Right Now is how you get started.

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