Why Bang Personal Training?

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Here's what you get at Bang

What does a 60-minute Group Personal Training session at Bang look like?

0-15 min

Group warm-up and check in

Channel your focus and tune into your body
Gear up for the session with up to 4 other members
Check in with your coach to fine-tune the day’s session


15-45 min

Primary focus

Build your skills or push your boundaries with tailored exercises, expert coaching, and the perfect level of challenge

45-60 min

Supplementary work

Hit your additional goals for aesthetics, performance, or rehab


Beyond the

Support beyond the session

  • Nutrition coaching
  • Habit design
  • New-school chiropractic care
  • Whatever you need to get the most out of your time with us

How does membership work?

Our workouts are challenging. Everything else is easy. We offer month-to-month membership options with lots of extras.

Longer-term memberships include the option to pause things—so that you’ll never pay for sessions you’re not using.


You can set up standing appointments that work for your schedule—but always hop on our scheduling app if life throws you a curve ball.

How does getting started work?

We begin with a phone call to answer all of your questions and learn about you.

Next, we schedule a free visit for you to see the space and perform a short assessment session where we clarify your goals and determine your best starting point.

If all systems are go, we’ll set you up for an initial month and take things from there. No pressure. No hard sell. No long-term commitment required.

What does it cost?

Group Personal Training  (GPT) offers the same coaching, customization, and results as 1-1 training (which starts at $90/hour). Rates for GPT start at ~$40/session (based on 3x/week). It’s an incredible way to work out more often, more effectively—and at a more sustainable rate.

Forever change the way you approach exercise

Group Personal Training is a smart, proven way to work with the consistency and intensity that you want—without losing time due to injury, burnout, or lack of motivation.

The key ingredient to consistency is finding a process that is meaningful, enjoyable, and rewarding.

Stop overthinking your workouts

Our coaches will give you the right challenges at the right time.

Discover your strengths

Everyone’s got special stuff. Maybe it’s power. Maybe it’s technique. We’ll help you dial into your own special stuff—and leverage it effectively.

Build momentum

Feel more energetic—and invest that energy into better self-care. You deserve to feel great.