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Bang Personal Training has been bringing functional fitness to downtown Toronto since 2008. 

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Home Bang Personal Training

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We have worked with pro athletes, people recovering from injuries, and exercisers of all experience levels. We have a special love for beginners.

Let us show you how to make fitness a lifelong practice—and have a good time doing it.

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LOCATED IN Toronto's (west) QUEEN WEST District

Home Bang Personal Training
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Home Bang Personal Training
Home Bang Personal Training
David Najgoldberg
21:15 12 Nov 21
I was looking for a knowledgable and experienced trainer who could help me workout while overcoming a shoulder injury.... These guys know what they're doing - they're very technical and have been helping me improve my stability, mobility, and strength. If you're looking for quality training this one of the best options in the city.read more
Home Bang Personal Training
Anya Roselli
21:09 06 Nov 21
This review is long overdue. Geoff and Miles both have a hand in changing my life for the better. By no means am I an... athlete, and the thought of joining the gym made me cringe. It's now been a few months since I joined Bang's group personal training program and my well-being has improved significantly. Geoff and Miles care about each of their clients individually, catering their approach to help everyone reach their specific goals. I cannot thank Bang enough for creating such a comfortable community, where you are allowed to go at your own pace, set your own goals, and see yourself crush them.read more
Home Bang Personal Training
Richard Conway
13:15 03 Sep 21
Highly recommend Bang Fitness! After years of inconsistency, hopping around gyms & trying different training methods,... I was looking for a gym or personal trainer to help me restart my fitness journey. I'm glad I found Bang Fitness, who's small group personal training sessions strike the perfect balance for me. Geoff, Vivek, & the team create a well structured & customised training program for everyone who comes through their door. This was super helpful for me, as I came in with an injured shoulder and wasn't sure where to start. The team went over and above, including communication with my physio, in order to help rehab the injury — I'm happy to say that my shoulder is 90% recovered after just 8 weeks & I've significantly improved my posture after years of working a desk job. The team take a holistic approach to fitness, including providing advice on several aspects of my lifestyle outside of the gym. One of the standouts for me has been the focus on long term consistency. Every time I walk out of the Bang gym, I leave with a little more knowledge, strength, flexibility & energy. Last, but not least, the team has a strong, inclusive & fun culture — they're simply good humans. Go give Bang Fitness a try.read more
Home Bang Personal Training
Mike Braithwaite
03:55 16 Aug 21
I really struggled to get into a good workout routine for nearly 5 years after retiring from international rowing... competition, and thanks for Bang I can proudly say that I've been training consistently for the past 11 months. Especially given all the turbulence from the c19 pandemic, I owe so much to Bang for helping me preserve and improve my physical and mental health. The amazing staff and coaches made me feel completely welcomed to their community, and a clear effort was made to ensure that I had all the support I needed to achieve my goals (mobility, flexibility, functional strength, longterm health). I also got a ton of value from the Physical Presence mental health program that they offered to members, which was especially timely this year. I can't recommend Bang enough to anyone looking to invest in their health. I have seen first hand how much everyone in the community gets out of the programs here, and it really is the best gym I've been a part of and is well designed for anyone, no matter where you're at or where you want to be.read more
Home Bang Personal Training
Melissa Cheung
05:59 25 Mar 21
I have high standards, I'm super picky, and have a keen eye for quality and customer service. Bang Fitness is a... blessing to the community for fitness that sets apart from all the others, REALLY. Geoff the owner puts his heart, blood, sweat and tears into the business and as a member it is greatly appreciated. I joined during Covid and have done both remote and in house hybrid workouts, both are great. Miles is my coach, and he is remarkable at what he does. I never want to have another trainer, you just have to try it out to understand the experience. All the reviews are legit, I could write a novel on how much I love this place and everyone in it. Their values on top of their knowledge and experience truly makes this place the kind of place you want to do business with. I'm thankful to have found this place based on the reviews. Support your local businesses but especially those worth deserving like Bang Fitness. I can bet you won't regret it.read more
Home Bang Personal Training
Booker Sim
18:53 31 Dec 20
I've been hearing about Bang from friends for years -- and finally started just before the second lockdown, then... transitioned to working out outside while weather permitted -- which was surprisingly effective and enjoyable. After the current lockdown and cold weather, I've transitioned to Zoom training -- something I was skeptical about, but which has been equally as effective and turns out to be the highlight of my week. The accountability and community aspect make a huge difference, and keep me motivated during these hard times. I'll look forward to being well prepared to hit the gym once this is all over, rather than having to overcome back and neck pain, lack of flexibility and being out of shape. Huge mental health and diet benefits as well!read more
Home Bang Personal Training
Kathleen Paramonczyk
19:36 03 Oct 20
Great gym - such nice people- and safe too!! Loving the workouts and the support.
Home Bang Personal Training
Marika Marty
14:37 03 Oct 20
A safe, comfortable environment to move, sweat and smile! In the time of COVID I’m so grateful I found this place:... never more than 4 people working out at a time, smart trainers who know what they’re about, and worth the investment in yourselfread more
Home Bang Personal Training
Nick Merzetti
20:37 02 Oct 20
WORTH EVERY PENNY! To be honest I wasn't sure at first if the price was going to be worth it. I'm a photographer... and, over the last couple of years, when I would use my camera for more than 4 hours I would get wrist, shoulder, knee and back pain. I assumed it was an unfortunate part of aging. I've been at bang fitness now for a month and earlier this week I had two 16 hour shoots days back to back. I felt zero pain and my energy was at its peak. I literally felt a decade younger. I couldn't be happier with the progress I'm making. One thing to note is I worked out 5 times a week for the last 20 years so this isn't a case of someone with no fitness suddenly just getting fit. Their system is incredible and I HIGHLY recommend!!read more
Home Bang Personal Training
Lee Fraser
17:34 21 Feb 20
I've never been into fitness, never played any sports, never used a gym. I'm over 50 and I figured I ought to be doing... something. No idea what, but something to be healthier, stronger. The Bang Fitness family has been amazing! Everyone is very chill, yet very committed to helping you reach your goals (even an odd goal like wanting to win a beer stein holding contest at a beer festival). I'm working out three times a week and I'm feeling stronger, happier, and ... I have callouses! Bang makes you feel totally comfortable, even when they're sneaking more weight on, for your own good (nice!). You get out of it what you put into it. Love this place.read more
Home Bang Personal Training
Sunny Verma
17:53 03 Feb 20
One of the best gyms in the city. They helped me get my shoulder back on track. Great programing that focuses on your... individual goals. The facility is awesome too - Has an old school / new school feel. The trainers are world class and have a wealth of knowledge. Overall the ethos of the gym is on point. Highly recommend.read more
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