With Muscles



Movement is a gift

You feel best when you’re in motion. Better focus. More energy.  Clearer thinking.

When your body and mind are coordinated into action, you build your whole self. You become stronger, more capable, and more present.

Here’s what you get at Bang

What does a 60-minute Group Personal Training session at Bang look like?

0-15 min

Group warm-up and check in

Channel your focus and tune into your body
Gear up for the session with up to 4 other members
Check in with your coach to fine-tune the day’s session

15-45 min

Primary focus

Build your skills or push your boundaries with tailored exercises, expert coaching, and the perfect level of challenge

45-60 min

Supplementary work

Hit your additional goals for aesthetics, performance, or rehab

Beyond the

Support beyond the session

  • Nutrition coaching
  • Habit design
  • New-school chiropractic care
  • Whatever you need to get the most out of your time with us

The right systems

Bang offers functional strength training in a format designed to help you train effectively. You’ll get immediate traction—all while building toward being a bad-ass in your old age.


You’ll find it easier to sleep, eat, and live in harmony with your own body.

In the right environment

Environment is more than our space; it’s our people. Our community is diverse, inclusive, good vibes only. We welcome anyone willing to show up, be kind, and do the work.

The feeling at Bang is calm, focused energy. People are friendly but dialed-in. It’s a space where you can show up—with whatever you’ve got on a given day—and find a way to move forward.

$$$ At rates you can roll with $$$

Group personal training offers the same coaching, customization, and bonuses as 1-1 training. Rates start at ~$40/session.

Forever change the way you approach exercise

Group Personal Training is a smart, proven way to work with the consistency and intensity that you want—without losing time due to injury, burnout, or lack of motivation.

The key ingredient to consistency is finding a process that is meaningful, enjoyable, and rewarding.

Stop overthinking your workouts

Our coaches will give you the right challenges at the right time.

Discover your strengths

Everyone’s got special stuff. Maybe it’s power. Maybe it’s technique. We’ll help you dial into your own special stuff—and leverage it effectively.

Build momentum

Feel more energetic—and invest that energy into better self-care. You deserve to feel great.

Hi, I'm Geoff Girvitz

I never liked gym culture but I founded a gym. Isn’t that weird?

My own love of exercise came from learning how good it made me feel. I came to view it as an essential supplement to my enoyment of life. Movement helped me think better, sleep better, and feel better.

I wanted to share that benefit—but in a way that aligned with my values.  So I developed Bang. Here, you’ll feel comfortable enough to get uncomfortable and the do work that will move you forward.



Our coaches are career professionals who are hard-wired to help. They’re great people who have walked the walk through competitive sport and continuous learning.

Vivek Padhiar

Senior Coach

MSc Kinesiology and Exercise Science

Vivek is a coach’s coach. He has a quiet approach and an uncanny ability to pinpoint your next important step.

Vivek has worked with athletes at all levels and competed in Olympic weightlifting.

Talk about food or English soccer with him.

Miles Suing


PN Level II Nutrition Coach

Miles is a seasoned coach with serious technical chops. He knows where to push you and where to help you consolidate your skill.

Miles lives his best life through travel, Salsa and, and languages. He’s also competed as an Olympic weightlifter.

Betty Tadesse


Betty knows movement. She is a a gifted coach with a keen eye and tremendous curiosity.

Betty played Ultimate frisbee competitively at U of T and continues to work with team members.

Steve Vrbancic

Steve is an experienced strength coach, a former Queen’s University lineman, and holds the title of Grand inquisitor at Bang Fitness.

He has a fiercely loyal following among clients and attendees of Strongman, Strongwoman and Advanced Kettlebell classes.


Chris Gouveia D.C

D.C., BSc

Dr. Chris is an experienced chiropractor who takes a modern, progressive approach to rehabilitation and performance-oriented therapy.


From Active Release Technique (ART) to movement-based approaches, he’ll help you manage injuries and pain—and get on track faster.

Here's what others are saying...

"I've progressed so much, gained confidence, [and] strength..."

Jasmine Lam

"A great place if you want to grow your capabilities."

David Ross

"Joining Bang is one of the best things I've done for my physical and mental health"

Bailey Johnson

Frequently Asked

My schedule is all over the place

Tricky schedules aren’t tricky for us. Group Personal Training offers flexible scheduling options—and the ability to pause things when you’re travelling.

I've got a specific goal—with a timeline.

From athletic performance to rocking a swimsuit, we’ve got you covered. We’ll build everything out to fit your goals—and make sure that you crush it within the time you have.

Gym contracts are the worst.

Right!? Not with us, though.

We want you training with us because you love it—not because you’re contractually obligated to be That’s why we offer a month-to-month membership with lots of extras—but no extra fees. You’ll always know what you’re getting into. And getting out is easy.

I don't really know what I'm doing.

We LOVE beginners! All you need to do is show up and we will walk you through every step of the way.

What happens next?

Schedule a call or a visit with us. We’ll figure out if Bang Personal Training is right for you.

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