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Derek Hopfner
Derek Hopfner
I've been going to Bang Fitness for 4 months now and couldn't be happier. Geoff, Vivek, Miles & Betty have all been fantastic. They're supportive, technical, and push you (when the time is right) to ensure you're getting the most out of the personalized programs. Above that - it's all about the community! I get way more out of it than I give. Huge thank you to the Bang crew!
Jasmine L
Jasmine L
When I first started at Bang, I had no idea how to approach kettlebells, dumbbells, bar bells... you name it! I'd done lots of HIIT, other high-impact classes before but kept getting injured again and again. Over the past couple years, I regularly attended the Anti-Gravity Society class with Miles (from pandemic outdoors, virtual, and then back indoors). Looking back, I've progressed so much, gained confidence, strength, and important understanding about form and technique that has opened up the doors for me to do so much more movement and sports that I've couldn't access/do before. Miles gives everyone careful, close attention and offers thoughtful adjustments for your individual practice to remain injury-free. Everyone at Bang, Geoff, Mike, Steve, all the community members, are so supportive. It feels like home whenever I go :) Bang has honestly been a game-changer -- I know I can do this for a lifetime now. Thank you!
Increíble program. Wish I knew about them earlier in my life.
kevin chow
kevin chow
Man i love this place. Really awesome trainers and vibe. It's never super crowded which is nice. And everybody that goes to the gym are nice friendly people. Good equipment too.
David Ross
David Ross
Joined Bang a little before the start of the pandemic and it has been a key piece to surviving and prospering. A little structure, slow and steady progress, and a great community. Always some laughs with the weights, even at 7:30 in the morning. A great place if you want to grow your capabilities.
Jameel Bharmal
Jameel Bharmal
Best Gym. Super helpful guidance. Exxtreme knowledge. Awesome environment
Bailey Johnson
Bailey Johnson
Joining Bang is one of the best things I have done for my physical and mental health over the past year. Bang is a boutique gym that specializes in small group personal training sessions with a focus on helping clients cultivate long term sustainable strength and wellbeing. I’m so grateful to Geoff, Mike, and the team at Bang for always being accommodating and working with me to find a structure that works. Miles, Vivek, and Lisa are all wonderful coaches that have made strength training accessible for a new lifter and genuinely so enjoyable. There’s a place for everyone there and the team really cares about helping you achieve your own unique goals. I was looking for a place with a strong philosophy that centred around the intrinsic value of exercise and other health behaviours and I have found that here.
Kartik Chopra
Kartik Chopra
Worth every penny! They care for the details, and the community is exemplary!
David Najgoldberg
David Najgoldberg
I was looking for a knowledgable and experienced trainer who could help me workout while overcoming a shoulder injury. These guys know what they're doing - they're very technical and have been helping me improve my stability, mobility, and strength. If you're looking for quality training this one of the best options in the city.
Anya Roselli
Anya Roselli
This review is long overdue. Geoff and Miles both have a hand in changing my life for the better. By no means am I an athlete, and the thought of joining the gym made me cringe. It's now been a few months since I joined Bang's group personal training program and my well-being has improved significantly. Geoff and Miles care about each of their clients individually, catering their approach to help everyone reach their specific goals. I cannot thank Bang enough for creating such a comfortable community, where you are allowed to go at your own pace, set your own goals, and see yourself crush them.

Group Personal Training (GPT) at Bang

Group Personal Training (GPT) helps you get a PhD in YOU


Feel at home in the weight room by developing lifelong skills for technique and body awareness.

Work with expert coaches, receive totally custom workouts, and take part in an inclusive community that believes in showing up, being kind, and working hard. All here in Queen West.


You pick the goals and pinpoint the sweet spot for intensity. We design the program and coach you through it—continually calibrating based on your feedback and performance.
Instead of traditional 1-1, you’ll share your coach with (up to) four other Group Personal Training members. Your program, workout style, and schedule are your own. And they evolve with you.

You’ll get coaching and support where you need it—and the space to be more independent when you don’t.

Book a time below to find out if we’re the right fit for you.

Starting from $50/session

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What happens next?

Schedule a call or a visit with us. We’ll figure out if Bang Personal Training is right for you.

The right systems

Bang offers functional strength training in a format designed to help you train effectively. You’ll get immediate traction—all while building toward being a bad-ass in your old age.

You’ll find it easier to sleep, eat, and live in harmony with your own body.

In the right environment

Environment is more than our space; it’s our people. Our community is

diverse, inclusive, good vibes only. We welcome anyone willing to show
up, be kind, and do the work.

The feeling at Bang is calm, focused energy. People are friendly but
dialed-in. It’s a space where you can show up—with whatever you’ve got
on a given day—and find a way to move forward.

At rates you can roll with

Group personal training offers the same coaching, customization, and results as 1-1 training — with rates starting at $50/session.

And a super-flexible, zero-stress membership

Your gym membership shouldn’t stress you out.

With membership at Bang, you will enjoy:

  • Monthly membership options with no-hassle cancellation

  • The freedom to pause payments whenever you’re away

  • Lots of extras (small group classes, habit coaching, a beautiful community) with no extra fees