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If you’re not hitting your goals, start here instead.

How do we build new habits? Most often, people choose their outcomes and then work backwards from there. This is the basis of just about every goal-setting framework you’ve ever heard of—including SMART goals. More modern approaches will shift the focus toward actions instead of outcomes. What if none of these are working for you, though? There’s another way forward. Let’s get into this by looking at how your skills and your environments interact to

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Liver King

It’s been a great week for both fitness and schadenfreude. I don’t know if you’ve heard about the Liver King but you’re about to. Brian Johnson lives in the centre of a musky Venn diagram that spans legitimate advice, high-grift, savvy marketing, and pretty much everything that is wrong with the fitness industry. I’ve had my eye on Johnson ever since I first heard of him. He seems to be on a lot of… special

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Optimize or Nah?

Over the past week, a bunch of different people have asked me for my opinion on a research-heavy health podcast (I’ll share the link in the post-script). I always like when people ask me stuff but this got me thinking about the concept of optimization. Is the slight edge always worth it?I believe that you are best served when you have a clear understanding your environment(s) and relative bandwidth. The better you understand the lay

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On having no brain

If you were to ask someone for the mailing address of their thoughts, they would probably point at their own skull. That’s where the brain lives, right? “Yes, absolutely,” says your brain. Brains say a lot of things, though—many of them wildly inaccurate. Ask anyone who’s wide awake at 3 AM for a sampler platter. Here, I’ll give you a concrete, exercise-related example of moving away from skull-centric thinking. Take a look at this picture

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What do you notice when you exercise?

Pick a movement—an exercise you feel competent with. It could be anything, from a push-up to a pirouette. Now, imagine executing it. What is the first place your mind goes? There is no guarantee, of course, that your mind goes to the exercise at all. Minds are funny like that. Even if the only distraction was this tiny paragraph, though, let’s go back to the movement. Where do things begin? At the actual beginning of the

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How investment wisdom applies to working out

Have you ever read The Psychology of Money? It’s much ballyhooed, so I picked it up recently and was surprised at how many of its lessons apply to health and fitness. Here are a few of them: Focus on the high-yield stuff before monkeying around with anything elseWarren Buffet has owned 400-500 stocks. He’s made money on maybe 20 of them. Our high-yield health stuff is less of a guessing game but still just a handful

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