V02 max and min

Last night, I delivered a talk on healthspan to some tech folks — but not before someone got onstage and spoke breathlessly about immortality in our lifetime. That’s where I felt like I needed to make a philosophical distinction. I love the idea of reducing disease and other impairments to quality of life. I am on that ship with you — and enthusiastically throwing down ropes and ladders to anyone else who wants to climb aboard. There’s room for

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How do you think about movement when you’re back at home and in full relaxation mode? That might not seem like a reasonable question to someone swirled up in a duvet or sprawled out on a couch. So, I want to be clear: I’m not saying that you should disrupt your vibes in these moments, so much as be open to adding to your recovery. Here, you relax more effectively by giving your body a

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A Yellow Flag for Intermittent Fasting

I don’t know about you but I like hearing stuff that I already agree with. Movies and books written for my worldview? Yes please! A hot take that confirms every bias I already have!? Delicious! And yet… This past week, I came across a piece of research that had the audacity to disagree with my biases. To disconfirm them! It stated that time-restricted eating (TRE) increases the risk of cardiovascular death. But wait. Isn’t fasting supposed to good for

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Decoding zone 2 cardio

“Healthspan” has entered the common vernacular and I think that’s a good thing. The term has been around for a while but Peter Attia has really popularized it. I love the idea of seeing you in your 70s as strong, mobile, durable, and spry um… as heck. Lots goes into this — including genetics and luck — but we’ll, of course, focus on the stuff within your control. Specifically, we’ll look at training your cardiovascular

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It’s not about the math

Almost a decade ago, I was sitting in a lecture theatre in Virginia. The audience was filled with hyper-educated collegiate strength coaches. In the spaces between their bald heads and meaty necks I could see Natalia Verkhoshanksky. An accomplished sport scientist in her own right, she was also the daughter of the legendary Yuri Verkhoshanksky — who is credited as the father of plyometrics. A thick arm was raised and a question followed about precise

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9 tips for your next decade of training

I had originally titled this as Tips for Training Over 40 but most of this is just good advice for anyone who wants to play the long game of health and fitness. Address imbalances Sports are asymmetrical. Humans are asymmetrical. Life is asymmetrical. That’s just how it goes. While we don’t worry about absolute symmetry, we do like to keep strength and mobility in the same ballpark for the sake of injury prevention. So, while

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