Experimental Equipment

Pick up just about any fitness media and the odds are that you’ll see happiness and confidence linked to a particular physical outcome. After you achieve X result, you too can enjoy the feeling of being complete. Your worries will disappear. It’s an appealing dream. Whoever is selling that particular dream will, like the Matrix’s Morpheus, hand you a pill. “Take this,” they say, “and you can someday become that person.” Don’t be distracted by the fact that this guy just

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Kettlebell History

Walk into a gym, supplement store, or other fitness-related business and look around. The assumption is that whatever you see represents the most effective options for progress—each honed by time, science, and technology. That’s the promise of every fitness solution out there, innit? However, anything you see has survived the rigours of marketing, manufacture, supply chains, and trends. They’re not all keepers. So, how do we choose the good ones? I ask this question a lot.

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The Latest on Exercise and Mental Health

A research review recently hit the stands. It shows that physical activity is 1.5 times more effective than counselling or the leading medications in treating mental health symptoms. That’s a pretty big deal, so let’s make sure that the research passes muster. In a systematic review, multiple studies are looked at at the same time. Poor quality ones are chucked out and good quality ones are looked at side-by-side. This gives us a bird’s eye view

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Stay pre-loaded

Today, we’re going to focus on that last piece through pre-loading action. This refers to setting up your personal environment so that you’re a single decision away from action. This seems straightforward but there’s some nuance here. Let’s say that you are sitting on the couch, binge-watching a series. You’re enjoying the show BUT you notice that your back is feeling sore. This leads to a should feeling. “I should be exercising more.” What happens next is important. Let’s

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Eat when you’re hungry; sleep when you’re tired

In his journals from the 60s (we’ve got a copy in our mini-library), Thich Nhat Hanh envisions enlightenment within a simple phrase: “I eat when I’m hungry; I sleep when I’m tired.” Even within the monastic Buddhist community, Thich was known for the depth of his mindfulness. Here, he asks: What is being present, if not being aware of how you feel? My mind zings and pings around in its natural state. I don’t think that makes

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Catching sick brain pumps

There’s a lot of important brain real estate out there. So, in the interest of understanding how exercise impacts it, I thought we might take a drive through the neighbourhood. We’ll make a day of it… Check out some houses. Maybe have a religious experience. It’s a wild place, the human brain! Like a lot of neighbourhoods, things start with infrastructure. That’s our focus today. We want clear, non-congested roadways, delivery of resources, and a

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